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Products for the Newspaper-Printing Industry
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Printing Plates
manufactured by
Superior Lithoplate of Indiana

Economical • Fast Clean-Up • All Sizes For All Presses

Newspaper Subtractive
Newspaper Wipe-On
Newspaper Additive P.S.
Metro Dummies/Blanks
.007", .008", .010", .012" gauge
Up to 80K or 120K press runs



Subtractive Developer
Subtractive Finisher
Subtractive 2-n-1 Developer/Finisher
Additive Developer
Gum Finisher
14-Degree Be Gum Finisher
Neutral Fountain Solution
Super-Neutral Fountain Solution Concentrate

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We are new customers of Christine's and have found her to be a delight to work with, very informative, helpful, and she gets our supplies out to us quickly. We will continue to do business with her.

Marge, Perfect Printers, Napa, CA

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