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Imagesetting Film
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Standard HN & IR .004"
Hard-Dot .004"
HN Matte .004"
Hard-Dot HN Matte .004"
Hard-Dot HN Matte .007"
Pretty much all the sizes for all imagesetters
Economy HN .004", selected sizes

Darkroom Camera Film

Standard .004"
Hard-Dot .004"
Sheet Cut, all sizes
Rolls selected sizes

Rapid Access Chemistry

RA Developer Concentrate
RA Fixer Concentrate
Ready-to-Use Developer
Ready-to-Use Fixer

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I can buy film and plates and stuff from about a bazillion suppliers, many within 50 miles of my business. I choose to send my orders 3000 miles [orders ship from closer by] because of the extraordinary customer service offered by Christine. She’s knowledgeable, personable, and doggone it—I like doing business with her!

—Dale Lonroth,
Mapleroot Prepress, Nashua, NH

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Phone: +507 6496 4345 (WhatsApp)

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